Our Services

  • Conventional and Alternative Veterinary Treatment
  • Essential Oil use in the Pet by Certified Aromatherapist
  • Therapeutic Laser
  • Regenerative Stem Cell therapy
  • Platlet Rich Plasma treatment
  • T-cyte treatment for Osteoarthritis and FeLV/FIV
  • Chiropractic care
  • Fear - Free Practice Technique
  • Essential Oil consultation by phone
  • Raindrop Essential Oil Technique
  • Behavior Counseling
  • Pet Massage
  • Vaccine Titer Testing
  • Tick borne disease Testing for Acute, Chronic, or Vaccine titer levels
  • Herbal and Nutritional supplement
  • Standard Process - Patient Direct option
  • Doctor's choice Supplements - Fidovite, Catbiotic, Fidovite Flexx, Sportz
  • ECG , Pulse oximetry, Blood pressure monitoring
  • Separate Cat and Dog Hospital areas
  • Sevoflurane anesthetic
  • In house lab
  • Digital radiography
  • Ultrasound available
  • General Surgery
  • Routine Dental Care using Holistic options
  • On-line pharmacy for prescriptions and supplements

Reiki Explanation

Reiki is an alternative form of healing/medicine using energy administered through a Reiki practitioner's hands. If broken down Rei translates to Universal (esoterically) and Ki means life energy that- anyone living plant, animal or tree exudes.

Reiki was discovered in Japan by Dr. Miako Usui, in the early 1900's. Dr. Usui passed Reiki on to 3 people who became Reiki masters themselves who were then able to continue passing Reiki along. Reiki is taught in a series of attunements. There are three levels of Reiki attunements; Reiki Level I, Reiki Level 2 and Reiki Master. Only Reiki Masters have the ability to pass Reiki along to others. Reiki Level 1 is the most basic form of Reiki where Reiki Levels 2 and Reiki Masters have greater intensity in the energy they can give and focus more with Reiki symbols to better direct the energy to where it is needed.

In the beginning, Reiki was only used on human beings but more recently practitioners have been using it on animals with similar success. Reiki can be used to treat or promote healing of any ailment ranging from cancer to pain or other diseases more specific to body systems. There is no limit to the amount of Reiki any one animal or human being can receive. Reiki is a great addition to any treatment plan because there are no possibilities for drug interactions and no level of toxicity.

Things your pet may feel during a Reiki treatment

As with humans, there is a range of feelings emotionally and physically that an animal may experience while receiving a Reiki treatment. It is in my opinion that animals feel healing energies like Reiki a bit stronger than humans do because there is no element of disbelief or preconceived notions of how a Reiki treatment will feel. Most animals enjoy touch whether or not you are giving them Reiki. Reiki is just an added bonus to them.

Animals may become a bit confused at first if they have never had a chance to feel Reiki before but will soon calm down after they realize that they are not going to be hurt. Generally, after a few minutes of Reiki an animal will feel intense relaxation and then usually fall asleep. Reiki can be felt physically in many ways. Some of these ways include tingling sensations, extreme but pleasurable heat, vibrations and full body calming sensations.

Marila Veterinary Clinic


There are a LOT of different diffusers

This is one of most convenient.   It is a plug - in to a USB port.  It can be taken everywhere and easily inserted into a port for essential oil diffusion.  The opening in the top is where oils are placed for diffusion.  Blends can be diffused but because of the mix of oils sometimes the ability to be dispersed is more difficult.  It is better to oils with consistency that is more thin and flowing.  If a thicker oil is desired then thin it out with a thinner consistency oil.

This is one of the first diffusors Marila Veterinary Clinic used.   It diffuses well in a smaller area such as an exam room or small bedroom.  It has a glass bulb however and this can break especially at the base.  Replacement bulbs are available.  The small metal hole that oils are diffused out of can get clogged especially with thicker oils.  Weekly maintenance is required.  The diffusor is louder than others.  The cord is shorter so the diffuser must be placed fairly close to the outlet.  It is recommended to not use with children or pets in case the bulb breaks.  If the diffuser can be kept out of the way then there is no problem.  It is a good first diffusor.

This is the second diffuser Marila Veterinary Clinic used.  It provided better coverage in the exam room.  It still needed maintenance cleaning but not as frequently.  It was the diffusor we sold to those interested in purchasing a first diffusor.

The Aria Diffuser is the third one Marila Veterinary Clinic used and still does.  It is behind the front desk since it also has a glass dome.  The glass dome is thicker and breakage has not been a problem.  The maintenance is every other week.  We have had the Aria for 4 years and it still is diffusing well.  IT PLAYS MUSIC AND IT HAS COLORED LED LIGHTS.  It is the preferred diffusor for the clinic.  It disperses essential oils well and people have commented on how nice it looks.  The other diffusor pictured allows someone to attach a bottle of oil to the diffuser stem and the mist comes out the spigot at the top.  We have no experience with this diffuser however.

Doctor's Choice Supplements

When the ancestors of the modern day dog were in the wild, they would kill an animal and eat the digestive tract contents. This is where the dog received its vegetables, B vitamins, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Modern day commercially processed dog food is extruded to add palatability and stability, but it is the heat of the extrusion process (the making of kibble) that destroys those same B-vitamins, probiotics and digestive enzymes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or even a veterinarian like me to realize there are benefits to supplementation.

Doctor’s Choice developed Fido-Vite because there was no product on the market that fit the needs to deal with the nutrition problems I was seeing. Fido-Vite is the best and most complete complement to commercial dog food available. Fido-Vite is also an excellent complement to raw food or barf diets. Fido-Vite comes in a palatable meal form so all the enzymes, B-vitamins and probiotics added to the product are available to elevate the dog’s health. No matter how good a product looks, it can’t help the dog if they won’t consume it. Backed up with solid research, Being a veterinarian, I can’t stress enough the importance of intestinal health to the overall health of the dog. That’s why at Doctor’s Choice, we say“Improving Health… From the Inside Out”.

I have enjoyed seeing the overall health benefits in dogs using Fido-Vite. My own Labrador Retrievers and Corgi dogs have had large healthy litters of puppies long after most bitches would be considered done producing. My wife Wendy, daughter Nicole and I have really enjoyed raising these dogs and seeing the health benefits and longevity from Fido-Vite.

R. Dean Meyer DVM


Rx Vitamins for Pets

Nutritional and Vitamin supplements for pets.

We use the products at Marila Veterinary clinic for pets with cancer, liver, kidney, and gastrointestinal concerns. The products provide overall whole body support to assist in conventional treatment plans.

Some of the products used most commonly at our clinic:

  • Rx Biotic - pre and pro biotic mixture
  • Rx Clay - toxin absorption in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Rx Amino B& K - renal support and potassium levels
  • Rx Hepato support - milk thistle supplement for liver
  • Rx Phos Bind - if diet is not enough to lower Phosphorus in renal patients
  • Rx Zyme - digestive enzymes for pancreatic patients
  • Rx GlucaMune - for increased macrophage activity in cancer
  • Rx D3 - for cancer support
  • Rx Hemp - for cancer support

There are many other products listed that provide a natural means to support the pet. 

The products are used with conventional forms of treatment or by themselves if the pet cannot tolerate the traditional route.

Dental Disease

New Therapies

Therapeutic Laser

Type Incorporating some of the best of both traditional and natural medicines, encouraging best possible outcome for you and your beloved pet

Dr. Mary Hess, D.V.M, C.A.T.