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MaRiLa Veterinary Clinic opened in January 2010. MaRiLa Veterinary Clinic is an alternative and traditional veterinary clinic offering both means of treatment for pets. We work with the pet’s family to provide the best care. Our goal is to provide care at a reasonable price so that routine visits can be affordable and more advanced care can be done as needed. We feel everyone should be able to afford to get a diagnosis to their pet’s problem, be able to treat them, and maintain quality of life for as long as possible.

Utilizing some of the best of both traditional and natural medicine, encouraging optimal whole – body health for your beloved pets.-Dr. Mary Hess, D.V.M, C.A.T.

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Dr. Mary Hess

Dr. Hess graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine in 1987. She was in general practice until 2010 when she opened her own clinic, Marila Veterinary Clinic, located in Cross Plains, Wisconsin. She has had an interest in alternative medicine all of her career which is one reason she decided it was time to open a clinic that centered on the use of a much misunderstood modality, that of Essential Oils. Dr. Hess is certified in Aromatherapy and is one of leaders in the country for the safe use of essential oils in pets.
In her free time Dr. Hess spends time with her two daughters, Mariah and Michaela, her three dogs, Whisper, Halloween and Shadow and is servant to Monica and Claude. . She is also an avid biker of the Wisconsin rails to trails paths. Sarah (Wykle) Willard

Sarah (Wykle) Willard

CVTSarah is a 2015 graduate of Madison Area Technical Institute Veterinary Technician program. She received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology in 2012 from UW-Steven’s Point. She has a special interest in Animal Behavior and Client education in solving pet behavior concerns. She has contributed many articles to the web site to educate the pet owner on various subjects. Michaela Cheney

Michaela Cheney

Veterinary Support – Michaela is a 2016 Graduate of Oregon High School. She has worked at Marila Veterinary Clinic since its opening and has grown with the clinic. She knows many of the patients and enjoys seeing them when they come in. She is planning on pursuing a career in the veterinary field as well as furthering her special interest and talent in the arts. Mariah Cheney

Mariah Cheney

Veterinary Management support -Mariah is a 2016 graduate of Oregon High School. She has worked at Marila Veterinary Clinic since its opening and has grown with the clinic as well. She has an associates degree in management from UW-Milwaukee and is pursuing certification for Pharmacy Technician. She assists in the management of Marila Veterinary Clinic. Monica Gertrude

Monica Gertrude

Monica Gertrude was set outside our clinic one winter day with a note to take of her since the previous owners could not anymore. Monica adjusted to her new home after a while and became a part of Marila Veterinary Clinic. Monica’s strength and special interest is in patient advocacy and care. She is often tending to hospitalized patients and reviewing the care they are getting. Monica Gertrude has healing paws and often is seen observing patients closely and provides a healing touch to those in need. Claude Daniel

Claude Daniel

Claude Daniel came to us when he was found walking the streets of Cross Plains. From his appearance we assume he was a blue collar shop cat. Once adopted by Marila Veterinary Clinic he became the Social outreach coordinator. He loves meeting new people and tries his best to be available for petting during all times. He and Monica work together to provide care for the pet and their family. Nancy Irene

For those of you browsing this website for information on the use of essential oils in animal care, please consider the following.Everything on this site is from clinical experience in treating the conditions. Clinical cases and outcomes from the use of essential oils continues to grow. Changes and updates are constantly being made as each pet incorporates essential oils into their wellness program. All of these cases are those that I have personally seen or consulted on. When consulting I depend on the pet/human family member to continue to follow and see their veterinarian. When this continuity of care is ignored, problems begin. Although this information is from a reliable professional source – Marila Veterinary Clinic, it still is an internet source and not a pet-owner-veterinarian relationship which is standard of care for any veterinary medical situation..-Dr. Mary Hess

Marila Veterinary Clinic

The information in the “handouts” is the work of Sarah Wykle, CVT. and Samantha Schultz, CVT.If the information raises questions or concerns for your pet, Sarah would be happy to explain the information further or make an appointment so that the concerns can be addressed.The Essential Oil information is from Dr. Mary Hess, DVM., CAT. Questions on use of essential oils in pets for specific conditions can be addressed through a consultation with Dr. Hess.